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Fall / Winter Sale Dates August 14th-25th

top rated 50 plus sale
Floral Elements Fall-06

Vendor Opportunities

Would you like to be in front of your target market? This is a unique opportunity just for mom and kid-friendly businesses.

FIRST COME... FIRST SERVE.. Only 1 vendor per "brand"

  • Cost of $50
  • A designated space for you to setup on PRESALE night
  • A pass to shop early on presale night.
    • Option 2:

      • Cost of $100
      • A designated space for you to setup during the ENTIRE sale
      • A pass for you and a guest to shop early on presale night.
      • Reconition on Facebook during the sale
        • Option 3:

          • Cost of $25
          • A designated portion of a table to put your business cards, magazines, lookbooks, etc. - (limited space available, however you can stop in and replenish your stack throughout the week)
            • We must receive your payment 10 business days before the sale to secure your spot.
              You may “advertise” your items or business. However, you may not sell items that will compete with the consignor’s items.
              You are responsible for bringing your own equiptment or table (maximum of 6 feet) to display your business.
              You can be present at your table as much or as little as you would like.. but please be aware that we are not responsible for the items on your table.