Encores Consignment Murfreesboro

1660 Middle Tenn. Blvd next door to the old Fred's

top rated 50 plus sale

Volunteer Expectations

All volunteers must work SORT ON FRIDAY August 24

There are 2 options for sorting. You may signup to come at 9am or 2pm. first come first serve, sign up TODAY

What to Expect:

Fun- We have wonderful workers you will love getting to know.
Accomplishment- We are busy from the moment we arrive until the day is done.
Amazing Benefits-

  • Shop Early got the best selection
  • Early 1/2 price shopping
  • Gift cards to use during the current sale
  • Drop Off items before or after your shift - if you work a drop off day.
  • Pick up on sort day

    • Dedication- We are all in this together. I will work hard to provide the best consignment sale in Murfreesboro!

What I expect from you:

Accountability - You MUST sign in and out each day on your own index card in the Volunteer Recipe Box. Mandy must initial by each sign in and out to receive the hours worked.
Responsibility- You are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift. This allows time for you to put away your personal items and find Mandy for your shift assignment. Please give 100% effort during your shift.
Flexibility- There are many aspects to pull this sale together, and we need workers who are open to doing everything from sweeping to tagging. Please let me know when siging up for a shift if you have any limitations.