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Fall / Winter Sale Dates August 14th-25th

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Volunteer Incentives

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*Presale Shopping Day is FRIDAY AUGUST 17
*1/2 Price Shopping Day is MONDAY AUGUST 20

SORT shift is required - you only need to select ONE sort shift either 9am-3pm or 2pm-8pm. You will be assigned to a specific area upon arrival and work until your assignment is complete. I also have offered a few spots for an "EXTRA SORT SHIFT" from 8pm-10pm (4 hour credit for this shift only). This shift can count toward hours, unlike the required sort shift.

*Lead Workers may fall under individual contracts *IMPORTANT - If you receive the incentives but don’t fulfill your hours worked, the gift card, consignor fee, and % earned will be deducted from your consignor check to the appropriate incentives you should’ve received for the actual hours you worked. Updated 6/13/2018